Male ensemble “Vgrdznob” (Georgian term, meaning “I feel”) sings polyphonic songs from the Balkan, Caucasus and Mediterranean regions. This amateur choir was founded 2013 by male singers who participated in choral trips to countries with a polyphonic song culture, like Macedonia, Bulgaria, Georgia and Armenia.

The choir currently has 13 members and is located in the city of Utrecht (Netherlands). Tatiana Lina (director, arranger, not on this rather old picture) is our professional choral leader. Almost all members also sing in another (chamber) choir, quartet or octet. Consequently, rehearsals are on a 4 weeks basis, and require substantial self-studying by members. Annual workshops with specialists further are one of the tools to refresh and improve our repertoire and performance. Our common interest is acapella male polyphony from all regions “at the borders of Europe”.

In our current repertoire Georgian and Corsican songs comprise important pillars. But we also sing – profane and religious – music from Bulgaria, Romania, Catalonia, Russia, Sardinia or Italy. We continuously are interested in challenging songs and experiences from other areas and are eager to exchange music and scores with similar male ensembles.